Turn your chats into actionable business intelligence.

Finally get the insights and analysis you need to improve sales, support, and product.

Every chat or ticket interaction analyzed from start to finish.

True: There is GOLD in your chat and ticket transcripts

Also True: You don't have a good way to mine it. What, you're going to spend every evening reading the chats yourself?

CHATALYTICS distills the signal from the noise so that you finally understand the conversations happening between your customers and your team.

Cold hard quantitative data around:



Learn if your salespeople are collecting contact info, offering the right products, and asking for the sale.

  • Has contact information been collected?
  • Has a timeline been detailed?
  • What products and services were offered to the prospect?
  • What competitors are under consideration?
  • What is the prospect's budget?
  • What are the prospect's business needs?
  • What is the pain driving the prospect to a purchasing decision?
  • Has the decision maker been identified?
  • Is the sales representative relying too heavily on coupons and discounts?
  • Has a next step been set?
  • Did the salesperson ask for the sale?
  • Is a featured product being promoted regularly?
  • Month-over-month behavioral trends
  • Spelling and Grammar


Learn what requests are most prominent with customers, how you are handling those requests, and why customers are cancelling.

  • Has the issue been solved to the customer's satisfaction?
  • Is this the first time the customer has asked for help on this issue?
  • What are the most common support requests?
  • What support requests are taking the most time to solve?
  • What is the average close-ticket time?
  • How frequently does this client contact support?
  • What is the impact of the issue on the client's business?
  • What support issues have the greatest impact on churn and retention?
  • Spelling and Grammar


Learn what features your clients are hungry for and what gaps you have compared to the competition.

  • What missing product features are most requested?
  • What current features cause the most frustration?
  • What products represent the greatest future opportunities?
  • What products are experiencing the highest cancellation rates?
  • What products and features matter most to current clients?
  • What missing products and features are slowing the acquisition of new business?
  • What features are most driving new business?
  • What features do your prospects see as too expesive?
  • What products do your prospects most often bundle with orders?
  • Spelling and Grammar

Manage to the metrics that drive results

Companies like your use Chatalytics to:

  • Improve sales interactions and convert more site visitors into real leads
  • Increase chat-originated revenue by more than 30%
  • Discover product insights they never knew existed
  • Measure demand for features and services from prospects and customers
  • Improve support interactions and increase NPS by more than 40%
  • Train support technicians to provide a great experience to clients
  • And much much more

Integrates with the following chat and ticket systems

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“CHATALYTICS gives us insights that we can actually do something with. We can train sales and support and then monitor their actual interactions. The visibility we receive is out of this world. These insights have changed our business.”

― SVP Sales & Marketing ($20M SAAS)